Monday, November 22, 2010

Mary "Aunt Molly" Brown-Thompson


Mary "Aunt Molly" (Brown) Thompson, a young English woman, was the only female survivor of the Steamer Arctic that shipwrecked near Cape Race, Newfoundland, Canada on 27 September 1854. 

She died in January 1919 in Orange County, NY.

Republican Watchman / Monticello, NY
December 22, 1916


"Aunt Molly" Thompson, the grand old lady of Forestburgh, returned to her home at St. Joseph's on Tuesday, after spending several days visit with her friend, Mrs. M. (Minnie) McNeely, on Oakley Avenue. Mrs. Thompson was deeply grieved when she heard of the Merriewold Park tragedy*, which occurred Sunday, for her home is close to the entrance to the park and she knew the unfortunate victims long and well. She has resided in the house where she now lives for over a half century. (*An Explosion)

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