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Passenger & Crew List

The New York Times ~ Oct 12th 1854

The following is a correct list of the passengers on board the Artic. It was received by the Canada, recently arrived from Liverpool ~ TOTAL 250

Mr. DuPassin and friend*
E. Bucch
F. Henry
Mr. Grant, Lady and Child
T. B. Jones
J. G. Smith
Miss Jane Murton
Miss Smith
W. B. Brown and Lady
Miss Mary Brown* (Name corrected 12/28/2015. See her story.)
N. Babcock and Lady
Mr. Babcock Jr.
T. C. Mitchell*
Mr. De Maryen*
J. B. Cooke
A. Banche
W. P. Rathbone*
Mr. Guynots, 2 Children and Nurse
George H. Burns*
Mr. M. Day, Mrs. Day and Daughter
Mr. Delgrade, Friend and Servant
Mrs. G. McCracken
Mrs. Scott
Mr. Moriss
Mrs. Edward K. Collins of New York
Miss M. A. Collins, New York
C. Collins, New York
Mr. North
Mr. D. Yoasi
A. Benedict and Lady
C. Fabricotti
J. B. Hoag
Mr. Dawson and Lady
Miss Benjamin
Mrs. Ropes and Son
Mrs. Childs and Daughter
Miss Revel
Miss Bronson
Mrs. Howland and Son
F. W. Gale, Lady and Svt.
Mr. W. Gihon*
J. Lynch and Lady
Mr. Adams
Mr. Brady
F. Catherwood
J. J. Barrill
Mr. Hilger and Friend
Mr. Hollub
Mr. Niven
C. St. John
Henderson Moore*
W. W. Comstock
Mr. Perkins
J. Smith and Lady
Mr. McGlyvin
R. Madison
Henry Jenkins*
Mr. Schmidt
Mr. Waring
Captain D. Pratt and Lady
H. P. Stuart
Duc de Grammont and Servant*
Mr. Major, Mrs. Major, Inf. and Child
Miss Brun
Mrs. Drew
J. Holbrook
Miss Jones
J. Muirhead
James Smith
Mr. Bedford and Friend
G. Brown
Mr. Meayer
H. Cook
C. Christians and Friend
Capt. Paul F. Gram*
T. Robson
George Dodds*
Mr. Pasive and Four Friends
Mr. Wiberg and Friend
M. Mayer
Mr. A. Stone, Mrs. and Miss Stone
Mr. Scheibler
H. Thomas
Mrs. J. Lindsey
Miss Mansay
P. Johnson
G. Moakes, Jr.
C. Petrie and Lady
Mrs. Perrin
Edward Sandford, Esp. of New York
B. C. Wood
J. Zollogi
Mr. Milville
S. Jeffords
G. B. Pearson
G. F. Allen, Lady, Infant and Nurse
W. B. Browne, Infant and Nurse
R. S. Williams and Lady
D. Cannon
W. Bowen
Mr. Berney
H. LeRoy Newbould
Miss Steward
Miss Hasard
W. Barber
Mr. Christie
W. W. Gilbert* and Servt.
H. H. Koon
H. Reed
C. C. Springer
Mr. Eggers
G. Guynet, Lady and Child
Mr. Hirsch, Lady and Serv.
Mr. Hewett and Lady
Mr. Hinde and Friend
Mr. Wallace
Mr. Waterman
Miss Major, Friend and Ch'd.
Mr. Ravenscroft
S. M. Woodruff
W. A. Young*
Mr. Barber
James Thompson*
Mrs. Bryan
T. Luchmiranet
Mr. Pratt
Mr. Sheldon
Mrs. M. Hodgson and Fr'd.
Miss Ford
J. Fryer
T. Sherburner
T. Schuster, Lady and Two Daughters
Mr. Winterburn (Matthew Winterburn)
S. Culner (Stephen Culmer)
Mr. Guilliam
Miss Mitchell
Miss Hay
H. Arbuckle
F. Coop
W. Ferguson
Mr. Lenoire, Friend, Two Ladies and Three Children
E. Hilbroner
A. Garcia
Miss A. Lais
T. Newman and Son
Mr. McDougal
H. Musterd
Mr. Hatcher and Friend
James McMath*
Mrs. Ridge and Friend
Mr. Geiger and Lady
Wm. Nicolls*
J. W. Fuss* and Friend
Edgecombe and Infant
Mr. Frank
F. Rhine
Mr. Culman
Mr. Bush and Son
William J. Hennessy*
Mr. Patterson
Mrs. Craig

We have obtained from Messrs. POOLE, PENTZ & GOIN, No. 39 Burling-slip, by whom the crew of the Arctic were shipped, the following complete list of her Officers and Crew:
  • Capt. James E. Luce, Commander
  • Robert J. Gourlie, 1st Officer
  • William Baalham, 2nd Officer*
  • Francis Dorian, 3rd Officer*
  • Mark Graham, 4th Officer*
  • Thomas Wilde, Boatswain
  • David Reed, Boatswain's Mate*
  • J. W. Rogers, Chief Engineer
  • John Degnon and George F. Brown, 1st Ass't Engineers*
  • Robert A. Walker and Michael Kelly, 2nd Ass't Engineers
  • James Willett and James Timpson, 3rd Ass't Engineers
  • Thomas Wilson and Thomas Brennan*, Oilers
  • John L. Geib*, Purser
  • George Bailey, Carpenter*
  • Henry Jones*, William Ryan, John Davis* and Henry McGee*, Wheelmen
  • Edward Church, Storekeeper
  • Thomas Whitworth, Ass't Storekeeper
  • William Atkinson, Engineers' Storekeeper
  • Theodore Randall, Steward
  • Robert Wilkinson, 2nd Steward
  • Thomas Stimson, Officers' Steward*
  • Joseph Cunningham, 2nd Cabin Steward
  • Samuel Hobert, Ass't 2nd Cabin Steward
  • Anna Downer and Maria Barber, Stewardesses
  • John Connelley, Engineers' Mess Boy*
  • James Garland, Firemens' Mess Boy
  • Michael Kelt, Stokers' Mess Boy
  • David Lloyd, Oilers' Mess Boy
  • Benjamin Van Orden, Boatswains' Mess Boy
  • Abraham Boydell, Captain's Man
  • Sion Andrea, Victor Mantier, Theodore Florentine and Michael Halstead, Saloon Clerks
  • James Abeny, Ship's Cook
  • Joh Main, 2nd Cook
  • Francis Miller, Pastry Cook
  • Henry Nicholas, Baker*
  • Benjamin Van Norden, Butcher
  • Nicholas Pocidus, Henry Olney and Jeremiah Waddington*, Pantry Men
  • James Carnegan, Porter*
  • John Jobin, 2nd Porter
  • Charles Simms, Scullion
  • William Hardwick, Head Waiter
WAITERS ~ James Mercer*, Barnard Johnson, Robert Bryan, Arthur Ogle, Andrew Cabrey, Henry Barker, Michael Bennett, James Gannon, Michael Meehan, Charles McCuen, James Farley, Frederick Linton, Erastus Miller, Luke Carnegan, David Barry, Frank Lovett, Robert Christy, James Davenport, John Troy and John Whalen

SEAMEN ~ Thomas Danvers, Richard Smith, Wm. Cummings, John Mack*, Martin Blake, John Mock, James Paige*, Geo. Flemming*, Peter Montague, John Humphrey*, Archibald Ray, Henry Hunt, James Allen*, John Linn, Henrich Aicks, Wm. Lee, Henry Green, James Holland, Wm. Lupper, John Frost and Thomas Jaques*

FIREMEN ~ John Adams, John Garland, Patrick Noland, Thomas Garland*, Patrick Tobin*, John Keht, John Moran, Edward Bryant*, John Pitterson, Patrick Aiken*, Patrick Mann, Peter Sloan, Alexander Grant, Dobbin Carnahan*, Peter Connover, Patrick Casey*, Dominick Connelley, Edward Halferty, Luke McCarty, Daniel Connor, Robert Don, Joseph Connelly, Richard McKim and Christie Moran

STOKERS ~ Jno. Coyle, Bryan Dolan, Jas. Fry, Michael Russell, Jas. Biglan, Jno. Flannagan, Jno. Drury, Jas. Riley, Robert Bell, Jas. Geddy, Patrick Macauley, James Connor, Wm. Flannagan, Michael Connor, Thos. Conroy, Francis Cowen, Patrick McDrury, Jno. Reymolds, Jas. Macloney, Patrick McMahan*, Jno. Larkins and Alexander Walbin


  1. I really appreciate this list and the work that went into transcribing it from the NY Times. Thanks a lot! I am writing about this shipwreck in a current book ms. about dining and food aboard transatlantic ships! Best regards, Andrea Broomfield

  2. Andrea, What is the name of the book? Lewis Mustard